Pask’s Entailment Meshes

Going through omadeon’s LoF bookmarks on, I found Nick Green’s paper: (Green 2004 – Axioms from Interactions of Actors). It deals with Gordon Pask’s Interactions of Actors Theory and his earlier Conversation Theory.

The introduction of Nick’s paper talks about a special form as a computing element comparable to the „Pile object“:

The central object is the stable concept triple which takes the form of the Borromean link. The potential of this form as a concurrent computing element and a model of continuity is discussed.

Cf. the earlier item Symbols And Borromean Links inserted in this blog, and the videos of Dr Paul Pangaro teaching Cybernetics and Pask’s Entailment Meshes at Stanford:

[Regarding Semantic Nets]

In a sense, there is too much freedom. And if you have too much freedom, there is no way to go.

A decision restricts the degree of freedom of another decision thus constructing a beginning-midpoint-end configuration, i.e. one way. (German: Eine Entscheidung begrenzt den Freiheitsgrad der anderen Entscheidung, konstruiert aber eine Anfang Mitte Ende – Konfigurtation, d.h. einen Weg.)

And then one day, these entailment meshes came along.


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