Ralf Westphal’s „Intuitive Data Model“

Starting from what he calls the “Container-Reference Dichotomy” since an earlier paper (Westphal 2006 – Freeing Data From the Silos, pp. 1-3), Ralf now tries to get along with ‚containers‘ only. [1] [2]

He questions the necessity of making a decision between container and reference. Further on, he conceives of ‚data‘ and ‚containers‘ as a (only one?) hierarchy of values in a “universe of unique values“ (a distant salute to the Pile space).

In Ralf’s new model there are two different sorts of values: atomic values (AV) and composite values (CV). I find it hard to understand his concept of atomic values. Ralf writes:

„Während der Wert eines AV jedoch noch quasi gleichgesetzt werden kann mit den rohen Daten, die er enthält (z.B. ein Name oder eine Telefonnummer oder ein Preis), […]“

The value of an atomic value could be quasi equaled with the raw data that it contains (e.g. a name or a telephone number or a price).

If an atomic value contains data, i.e. a hierarchy of values, how could it be atomic then? I think, the problem lies in the putative need for another word for terminal value (TV).

In Ralf’s model there is no outside regarding atomic values (data is inside again!?), but in the illustration of a composite value there are call outs („Vera“, „42“, etc.), lines crossing the boundary of a composite value.

In contrast with Ralf’s model, the qualities ‚inside‘ and ‚outside‘ are key to understand the meaning of ‚terminal value‘. A TV is both: an inside value and a connector, port, or connection to the outside (where the data live).

[1] http://ralfw.blogspot.com/2007/01/das-intuitive-datenmodell-i-motivation.html

[2] http://ralfw.blogspot.com/2007/02/das-intuitive-datenmodell-ii-es-kann.html


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