„Querks are the wrinkles in nothingness […]“ (http://wikiworld.com/wiki/index.php/QuerkCalculus)

Thanks to Jim Whitescarver, whose posting to the LoF mailing list made me aware of Querk Calculus.

„For simplicity we can consider the ‚mark‘ of Spensor-Brown’s ‚Laws of Form‘ as the universal logical element represented by the dynamical bit or primitive querk where, it turns out, the laws of calling and crossing correspond, dynamically, to doubling or reflection and cancellation in quantum state. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_of_Form for a good introduction, or use nand-delays or any other universal construct you are comfortable with to represent the idea of a dynamical bit or querk. Not X and Y it equivalent to saying X and Y are distinct which is exactly one bit of information.

The meaning of the bit, or information here does not have to do with cognition, or human knowledge of the bit, it has to do simply with the actual existence of a distinction anywhere in the logical system. We might posses an understanding not manifest within the system and the system may posses distinctions which we cannot determine exactly by interaction with it.“

BTW No Querk or animal was hurt or traumatised in the making of this webpage.

„What the Querks discover is that the animals do not want to be their friends until the Querks are true to themselves. The Querks discover that they are special, talented and terrific just being themselves.“ (Found here)


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