„Lady X“, ToPs, and Monads

„Beginning from the entity ‚Lady X‘, just collect all its relations. That’s it.“

The other day, I read Miriam’s pile stories and her example of ‚Lady X‘ as a ToP in the Pile plane. Miriam evoked the nightmare of total inclusion. But, how could ‚Lady X‘ be digitized into the digital world inside the computer unless in fiction?

Wikipedia.org about the film Tron

(Cf. the plot of the film Tron)

„The digital world comes alive after the MCP’s defeat. I/O towers light up all over the landscape, and the Programs rejoice in the fact that their world has become a free system.“

Is it this what the „FT-Movement“ is all about?

Anyway, I’m currently investigating monadic I/O, a high-level model for functional I/O based on Wadler’s suggestion that monads can express interaction with state in a functional language.

[Wadler97] How to Declare an Imperative. ACM Comp. Surveys, Vol. 29, No. 3, September 1997, pp. 240-263.



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