Impure Implementation Details of Pure Relations

Please find the abstract draft of a paper, which I'd like to write sometimes ;-), and feel free to comment on this:

The first axiom of Stathis' Multiple Forms Logic serves as starting point to bootstrap a Pile system: All is One, and All contains any distinction. Then we partition the oneness of All over a topological space, i.e. decomposition of the One, but without loosing the connection to the other side of the distinction, the boundary, by means of unification into a whole as integration. To integrate over manifolds, coordinates have to be chosen, which is only possible locally, i.e the integrand must be decomposed so that it stays local integrateabel, but zeros outside of the coordinate system's validness ambit. We introduce a two-dimensional Pile space with the identity relation as Diagonal in the first quadrant of a Cartesian coordinate system. The local (x,y) coordinates are the unique identifiers of so-called Pile objects, which zero if a Pile object is connected with two other such objects to let emerge a connection a.k.a. relation. The relation being a zip-pair of two Pile objects is this third Pile object, in the role of a P(arent)_Handle, and stretches a new local coordinate system for coming 'children', i.e. a new local place of the global wandering Zero on the Diagonal but still in the same frame of reference: the Pile space with potentially infinite many Zeros on the Diagonal, which are the respective twins of infiniteness, i.e. partitions for infinite many relations.


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