This This

(Look|Hear|Perceive) There is this…

There is another this… (at another There).

Two This' side by side: This This.

ThisThis at one There


2 Gedanken zu „This This“

  1. Found at :


    erez elul ( c) " אינותו איתו שלמותו " >

    "Its ( his* ) Non-Existence with it ( him* ) is the Whole of it ( him* ) "

    "The Non-Existence of a Thing ('it' ) with the Thing is the Whole of the Thing"

    "Whatever is not a Thing together with the Thing is the Whole of the Thing"

    " אינותך איתך שלמותך " >

    "Whatever is not YOU together with YOU is the Whole of YOU" ( * *)

    (*) In hebrew, there is no neutral case. So, literally it says 'his' and 'him', but meant is the most general kind of 'a thing'.
    (**) This is a female YOU. In hebrew, nouns, their adjectives and their applied verbs are distinct by a suffix for female and male.

  2. You must have misunderstood something. This is neither a poem nor a reply to anything. I am sorry that you are so dry to drink any drop I'm sweating out. Miriam (Bedoni)


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