Bootstrap of a Pile System


The figure above shows the situation in which Pile_Object No. 2 is identified. It "is" a child of two yet unidentified parents. While pointing to another Pile_Object by means of the Cp2 of Pile_Object No. 2, we let behave Pile_Object 2 as a parent. We let behave Cp2(No.3) as a parent too (can only point to the free place at No.1, left open by the decision — Cp0 or Cp1 — before). The result is shown in the next figure:

multiforms-CpA1-P_D_Ob1defined.pngLet Pile_Object 1 now take the role of a parent, i.e. let point Cp2(No.1) to Pile_Object 3. Let Cp2(No.2) point to the free place at No.3, left open by the decision before:



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