First Axiom of George Alexander Stathis‘ Multiple Form Logic as Pile_Objects

After a dialogue with my partner last night — many thanks Christel! — I'm able to illustrate the first axiom of George Alexander Stathis' Multiple Form Logic

(A1) 1 , X = 1
("All is One, and All contains any distinction")

with a Pile notation:



Ein Gedanke zu “First Axiom of George Alexander Stathis‘ Multiple Form Logic as Pile_Objects”

  1. Hi, Ralf.

    Very interesting, what you are doing.

    Your „pile_objects“ seem intriguing and I’d like to know more about them.

    I now have a blog, as well:

    At the moment, my wordpress blog has mostly Greek articles (and only one in English) but I;’d gladly post something in English about Logic, Lof, Multiple Forms, etc.

    Perhaps we can cooperate in some way.

    George A. Stathis (omadeon)

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