Pliant Pile Systems

Who wants to get bogged down in the debate, whether Pile is trivial? After you did understand it, you could say,

"It really took me a while before I understood what he was drawing… but in the end I think it´s so simple and straightforward as to signify something important."

or, that you have seen this concepts long before, and that you know that river already. But remember, you don't jump into the same river twice. Yeah, it's about "Pile Systems — fluid computing" (Applet DuriusWaterPic started) — again?

Inspired by this blog post of Michael Mahemoff, the Pliant Research Group at catched my eye. Michael relates to this visionary paper by Jed Harris and Austin Henderson and cites the 2020 scenario, which suggests how patterns might be navigated in the future (something Pile Systems could be used for):

Then she puts a probe into the guise and begins looking for the patterns that the guise uses to model market response to Heavy Metal.* Her office shows her the internal organization of the guise as a network of nodes whose size and clustering reflect how much they contribute to the guise’s current display. Each of the nodes is a small view of the associated pattern, showing its current state; if she focuses on a single node, she can usually tell how it is contributing to the display. Olivia thinks of this display as a “sea of nodes” because the ripples and swirls remind her of flowing water. She swims through the sea, getting a feeling for how Fred has put the guise together, and how the guise itself is interpreting the current behavior of Heavy Metal’s customers. After a little while she zeros in on the service and support patterns. By suppressing the contribution of some patterns and looking at what changes in the display, she eventually finds a pattern— Service is a Feature— that seems to be most involved with the aspects that have been bothering her.

Harris, Henderson – Evolution in action


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